SUCCESS = Understanding, identifying, and strengthening the learning abilities, psychological resources, and supports needed for academic success and personal well being.

Success during the school years is vital for the healthy development of children and adolescents. The self-esteem, resilience, optimism, and motivation they need to cope with the challenges of growing up are forged by success in school, at home, and with peers. Since the requirements for success change from grade to grade, students are not equally prepared to meet the expectations of each new year. As a result, even the most gifted or well adjusted students can struggle academically, psychologically, or socially at any point from kindergarten through graduate school. With prevention, early identification, consultation, and treatment services, we're here to help students, their parents, and schools succeed.

With over 25 years of clinical and consulting experience assisting a wide variety of students of all ages, we have a special understanding of what is needed for success. So when a student is struggling with learning, behavioral, emotional, relationship, or attention difficulties, we know just how to accurately assess what's going on and provide the right help to turn things around. But we do more than provide the highest quality clinical services. We consult with schools and physicians to identify and strengthen learning abilities and psychological resources to minimize the worry, or heartbreak, a lack of success can create.